Patient and Family Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does the psychiatrist know who I am?

The information that you provide through the GATE website is de-identified by design. This means that that the psychiatrists do not know who you are, but will know your age and gender. The psychiatrists then speak with your primary care provider who knows you well and give recommendations for how your doctor might proceed with treatment.

2. Does this replace a regular consult with a psychiatrist?

Not necessarily, but it might. We believe that with some help and consultation your primary care providers can manage a significant portion of mental health issues within the primary care setting. We also believe there will be some patients' difficulties that fall outside of the scope of what the primary care provider can offer. These individuals should be referred to more traditional psychiatric services.

3. How long will it take for the psychiatrist to talk with my primary care provider?

Once the consult is completed, then the psychiatrist will talk with your primary care provider within one business day.

4. Will doing a GATE consult get me in to see a psychiatrist more quickly?

No, the GATE psychiatrists are available to give recommendations to your primary care doctor, and the GATE system was developed to help out because it can take such a long time to get to see a mental health provider. If you need to see a psychiatrist, the GATE doctors can give advice about how to get seen, but cannot get you an appointment any sooner.

5. Is this consult free?

The GATE consult is free to you. However, if you need to see a psychiatrist in person, outside of GATE, your regular insurance rates will apply for that appointment.

6. What should I do if I have problems with the website?

Please email with your issue, or call the support desk at 801-587-3423.

7. What should I do if I or my child is suicidal?

If you or your child is suicidal, you should be seen in person by your PCP or by a crisis worker at a local emergency room. If you cannot get there safely, you should call 9-1-1. You could also call the crisis line at the U of U, 801-587-3000

8. How long will the tool take

Most people report it takes them about 20 minutes.

9. What do I do if this doesn't help?

If the problems continue, even after the GATE consult, please return to your primary care doctor. They can get back in touch with the GATE doctors, and a change can be made to your treatment.

10. Can I speak directly with the GATE doctor?

No, if you have questions for the GATE doctor, they need to go through your primary care doctor.

11. How does my doctor get the advice from the psychiatrist?

A phone call is arranged as soon as you have completed the online tool, and the two doctors will talk on the phone, using both your doctor's knowledge of your specific case, as well as what the psychiatrists see on your tool, to come up with the best plan.

12. Can my primary care doctor see what I write on the questionnaire?

As soon as the consult has been completed, the GATE doctor can make the questionnaire available for you doctor to review. As well, GATE can send a copy of the questionnaire to follow up providers, if we know where to send them. This can save you time at an appointment with a new psychiatrist or therapist.