What primary care physicians are saying about GATE:


"Without a doubt, this has been the biggest 'breakthrough' in referral help for my patients. It has been extremely helpful to know that I can get advice on a difficult or complicated psychiatric patient. I particularly like the format of being able to simply ask a question (i.e. regarding a particular medicine or simple management question) or have a patient fill out a comprehensive questionnaire and have a physician, with extreme expertise at a nationally regarded university based medical center, assist me in assessment and management. "

- Bev Vargo, MD


"Just a note to inform you of what a valuable tool the Gate Utah site has been for our practice. It has given us and our patients extremely quick and streamlined access to expert behavioral health consultation. In many cases, it has allowed us to provide more comprehensive care to our patients with behavioral health issues, without waiting for a lengthy referral process. The expertise provided with the direct phone conversations with your staff has been invaluable in educating our doctors as well, allowing them to treat more common psychiatric issues on their own. This is a great step toward addressing the long-recognized problem of obtaining prompt and effective behavior health care from a primary care setting. Thank you. "

-Michael Johnson, MD


"As I entered my first year out of residency as an outpatient pediatrician I was very unaware how often I would be discussing mental health issues with parents/patients. I felt very well prepared for my new job, however the one area where I lacked training was just that... in mental health. Over the last year I have found that it is very hard to get timely mental health services for my patient. My patients are often waiting months for their initial evaluation. I have found the GATE experience to be wonderful. It is very helpful to get a psychiatrist's opinion to make sure that I am on the right track early on in my patient's care. It has also been really great to be able to ask quick questions. I often feel that I am not up to date on possible side effects of certain medications that I do not use as often. Overall, I feel that our office has been very lucky to participate in this experience...not only are my patients getting the mental health services that they need sooner, but I am also learning a great deal on how to approach these situations in the future. "

- Tiffany Thomas, MD