Welcome to the GATE Utah Consultation System


GATE-Utah was founded by a group of physicians in the Division of Child Psychiatry at the University of Utah who envision developing a better system for mental health care delivery. Current child psychiatrists involved are Jim Ashworth, MD, Jeremy Kendrick, MD, Kristi Kleinschmit, MD, and Rachel Weir, MD. In different ways, each of us has witnessed the problems with poor access to mental health specialists and the unfortunate division that exists between "medical" and "mental" health treatment. There is growing evidence that treatment of mental health disorders in the primary care setting is associated with improved overall health outcomes, and the potential for cost savings. Unfortunately, implementation of mental health integration projects nationwide has been moving slowly.

For years, we have heard frustration from primary care physicians about the lack of access to mental health specialists, and poor communication and follow through when patients are finally seen. We are also aware that training on mental health issues during primary care residencies is variable and "on the job" experience is how most primary care physicians obtain knowledge on treating mental health disorders, usually with very little outside help from psychiatrists.

We are glad you are here and are hopeful your involvment in the GATE Utah system will prove beneficial. Please take some time to explore the links on the left hand side of this page. There you will find tutorials on how to use the site, answers to common questions about GATE and helpful links to information about treating patients with Mental Health conditions.