Welcome to the GATE service!

GATE is a service that allows your primary care doctor to receive guidance and recommendations from a psychiatrist, to help you or your family member, without having to see you in the office or know your identity. The consult takes into account the information that you provide on the GATE questionnaire, as well as a discussion with your primary care doctor. That information allows the psychiatrist to give the best advice for you, short of actually seeing you in person. We developed GATE to fill the void that is often left due to the shortage of psychiatrists. It is well known that there are not enough psychiatrists in practice to meet the needs, and using the GATE system is a quick way to get access to a psychiatrist's knowledge, without having to take the time to wait to see one.

How to obtain a GATE consult?

We are currently only accepting the University of Utah Health Plans. If you are a patient who has this insurance, please tell your primary care doctor that you wish to get a psychiatric consultation through the GATE system. He/She may not have heard of GATE before, so let them know to go to the website, www.gateutah.org and click on the Provider tab, to get more information about how they can become a GATE provider.